Saturday, 25 November 2017

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

Verse 1: Kirsty MacColl

"They've got cars big as bars
D            D    D    E  F#  E 

They've got rivers of gold
D            E  F# E  D   B 

But the wind goes right through you;
D     D    D     E      F#     A       F#

It's no place for the old
F#  F#   A   F#   D  E 

When you first took my hand
A         A    A    F#   D    E 

On a cold Christmas Eve
D   E  F#   E  D        B 

You promised me Broadway
D      D  E       F#   A F# 

Was waiting for me
D       E  F#  E    D 

Verse 2: "You were handsome!" "You were pretty
A        A      A B            F#   E     F# D 

Queen of New York City"
A         A  F#   D    E D 

When the band finished playing
D        E    F#    E  D       B G

They howled out for more
B         A       B  C#   D 

Sinatra was swinging
F# A B   A    F# D 

All the drunks, they were singing
A    A     A        F#    D    E D E 

We kissed on a corner
E      F#    E   D  B G 

Then danced through the night
B         A          B       C#   D 


The boys of the NYPD choir
A     B     B   B  BC#DD C#

Were singing 'Galway Bay'
B        A  D       D E    F#

And the bells were ringing out
D      E    F#    D     G F#   E 

For Christmas day
D       F# E      D 

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  1. Please could you do 'All The Little Lights' By Passenger
    And or 'Close Your Eyes' By Meghan Trainor
    Thanks This is amazing!

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  3. Hello i was just wondering if you could add left handed chords aswell as right handed so the music sounds better?? I love your pieces though and they help me out a lot to learn my favourite songs!

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