Thursday 26 May 2016

I See The Light

Piano notes for how to play 'I See The Light' from Disney's Tangled, performed by Mandy Moore. 

All those days watching from the windows
G    F      E       D E         D    C     C G 

All those years outside looking in
G     F      E       D E       D C   C 

All that time never even knowing
A G G    F      G C   E C     E D 

Just how blind I've been
G       F     E    C     D 

Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight
G     F      E       D E     D  C    C  G

Now I'm here, suddenly I see
G      F    E      D E D     C  C 

Standing here, it's all   so clear
A G          F     G    B A  G  G 

I'm where I'm meant to be
A      C B   A    A       G  G 

And at last I see the light
A    B    C   E  F  E    G 

And it's like the fog has lifted
C     E    D   C   G    F    F E 

And at last I see the light
A    B   C   E  F    E    G 

And it's like the sky is new
C     E    E   E    E    D   C 

And it's warm and real and bright
A    B     C       F    F      E    G 

And the world has somehow shifted
C     D     E      E     E  D      D C 

All at once everything looks different
G   F   E     D E D         C      C G 

Now that I see you
G       F   E  C   C 

All those days chasing down a daydream
Bb  Ab     G    F G       F     Eb   Eb Bb

All those years living in a blur
Bb  Ab    G       F G   F  Eb Eb

All that time never   truly seeing
C    Bb  Ab   Bb Eb  Bb Eb  G F 

Things, the way they were
Bb        Eb  G     Eb    F 

Now she's here shining in the starlight
Bb   Ab      G      F G    F    E b Eb Bb

Now she's here, suddenly I know
Bb    Ab     G         F G F   Eb Eb

If she's here it's crystal clear
C  Bb    Ab   Eb  D C    Bb

I'm where I'm meant to go
Eb    Eb    D      C     Ab Bb

And at last  I  see the light
C     D   Eb Ab Ab  G   Bb

And it's like  the  fog is    lifted
Eb   G    F    Eb  Bb Ab  Ab Ab G

And at last I see the light
C     D  Eb lAb Ab G Bb

And it's like the sky is new

Eb   F    G    Ab  G   D Eb

And it's warm and real and bright
Eb   F     G       F    Eb   F     G 

And the world has somehow shifted
G     Bb   D     C    Bb D        D Eb

All at once, everything is different
Bb Ab G         F G F    Eb Eb Bb

Now that I see you, now that I see you
Bb    Ab G  D   Eb    Bb  Ab  G  D  Eb

About Me
These notes can be used to play the song on many instruments including the flute, keyboard, recorder, piano and musical keyboard.
The piano/keyboard I use is a Casio CTK 240 Electric keyboard which is very basic but works brilliantly for beginners.
All of my posts are of the letter/alphabetical notes for many popular songs including current pop, rock, nursery rhymes, Disney and classical pieces.
 I also have a YouTube channel (Mint Music) where I make videos to assist you in your learning.
Please feel free to comment any requests, feedback and constructive criticism.
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  12. I found it quite inteesting that you put out notes . Thats good but also bad in a way. When you just put notes pianist and piano begginers dont know he tempo and rythm . Therefor , it may sound wrong . Another thing is that you dont use your left hand with chords or notes That ,makes the song half nice. Honestly its not good enogh. Try learnng music instead of plucking notes from the air. Apart from my negative comments i have happy and positive comments too. For example ,its very awesome and nice of you to create website allowing memebers of the publc who know nothing about music learn their favourite songs half way. Also i used to subscribe to your channel but then i unsubcribed due to your content.

    1. She's helping beginners like us if ur so advanced make ur own song don't put ur spoiling nose into it

  13. Thank you so much I’m learning how to do different songs my family loves it especially my mom I always do this with my keyboard I’m not good at doing this with both hands but just my right hand with my left I can do it but not both thank you so much! ����

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