Friday, 5 March 2021

champagne problems - Taylor Swift

Piano notes for 'champagne problems' by Taylor Swift

Verse 1:

You booked the night train for a reason
C        E       G     G      F     E  D  D E 

So you could sit there in this hurt
C    C      C    D     E    D  C     F 

Bustling crowds or silent sleepers
E G            G     F   E D     D E 

You're not sure which is worse
D C      D     E      D   C     F 


Because I dropped your hand while dancing
C C        C    C         C      D     C       B  C 

Left you out there standing
C      C     D   C     B C 

Crestfallen on the landing
C C C         D   C    B  C 

Champagne problems
F   F               E  F 

Your mom's ring in your pocket
C        C        C  D   C    B C 

My picture in your wallet
C     C C     D   C     B C 

Your heart was glass, I dropped it
C        C     C      D    C     B      C 

Champagne problems
F F                 E F 

Verse 2:

You told your family for a reason
C      E      G    G F    E  D   D E 

You couldn't keep it in
 C    C D      E   D C  F

Your sister splashed out on the bottle
E      G G      F          E    D  D   E D E

Now no one's celebrating
D      C    D      E D C F 

Chorus 2:

Dom Pérignon, you brought it
C       C D C      C       B      C 

No crowd of friends applauded
B     C      C    D         C B C 

Your hometown skeptics called it
C          C C         D C        B    C 

Champagne problems
F     F             E   F 

You had a speech, you're speechless
C       C  C    D          C      B C 

Love slipped beyond your reaches
C         C        C D      C     B C 

And I couldn't give a reason
C    C    C C      D   C   B  C 

Champagne problems
F F                 E F 


Your Midas touch on the Chevy door
C       D E     D     A   C    D E     D 

November flush and your flannel cure
C D E          D     A     C     D E     D 

"This dorm was once a madhouse"
C         D      C    D     E    D C 

I made a joke, "Well, it's made for me"
C    D   C   D       C     D     F    E    D

How evergreen, our group of friends
C        D E D      A C   D     E    D

Don't think we'll say that word again
C        D       E    D    A C    D    E D 

And soon they'll have the nerve to deck the halls
D       C     D        C     D     E    D   C      D   C  

That we once walked through
 C       D     C     D    F       E   

One for the money, two for the show
G     G    G     C C     G   G   G    C 

I never was ready so I watch you go
C  G G   G    C C    D  F   E     D   C 

Sometimes you just don't know the answer
D F               E   D     C      D      D    D C A

'Til someone's on their knees and asks you
D      E D        C    A         D    D     D    C 

"She would've made such a lovely bride
E        D  C         A     D    E   D C   A  

What a shame she's stuck in her head," they said
C      A     D      D      E      D  C     D        C     C 

But you'll find the real thing instead
C       D     D    E     D     C     A C 

She'll patch up your tapestry that I shred
A          C     D    D    E D C    C   C D  C G 


And hold your hand while dancing
 C    C         C      D     C       B  C 

Never leave you standing
C C       D     C      B C 

Crestfallen on the landing
C C C          D  C   B  C 

With champagne problems
F      F        F         E  F 

Your mom's ring in your pocket
C        C        C  D   C    B C 

Her picture in your wallet
C     C C     D   C     B C 

You won't remember all my
C        C     C  D  C    B   C 

Champagne problems
F F                 E F 

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  2. Also in the notes, i think its FFEE for the hook line :champagne problems" and not FFEF (which is wat u have written) can u pls look into it, thanks :-)

    1. i personally have found that it sounds more like the song with FFEDE

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